Saturday, April 3, 2010

Four digits, one guess.

Your trust in me is peculiar. I don't like you. Why must you all burden me with your complications? Am I that stable?
You can trust me, fire demon, for I have your back, as much as your very name displeases me.
I'm that wall, that rock that you pile your baggage unto another, and know my safe is locked, my code unknown. But isn't it obvious? I flaunt my password, my key hangs low between my breasts, accessable to all who dare reach.
I may be complex, but all my puzzle pieces are visible to those that look.
I will do your bidding, because it makes me feel important, and it is I you have entrusted with this mission. But don't you know? I never follow through with my plans...
But then, I never break a promise.
I hesitate to promise you that I will.
It's on my To Do list, you know, the one that seeps procrastination and lacks progression, but I have not promised anything.
If the opportunity arises, and it strikes my fancy to aid your confusion, then so be it, consider it done. If not, find a friend to rest your worries in the hands of, instead of simply me, a lurking enemy in the game of the mind, yet an ally in the ways of the world.
If I see you in the future, my eyes will glint with admiration and loathing, I will quiver in fear before your tower of mental domination, as your control and bitter words effect me like no others could ever induce.
I do hope to see you in the future, for I see that no matter who I lose, and who goes seperate ways and whatnot, that you and I are tied, even if we are reluctant to acceptour interwoven fate.
You can trust me, yes, but do not put all your faith in me. I am just as hopeless as you, and I to, am always running, hiding, shaking.
I know you better than most, and you sure know me, isn't it scarey when one can penetrate your darkest personality traits uninvited? I guess that's why we are so opposed to one another, the mind is supposed to be a safe place, and yet tendrils constantly probe.
And yet, their is some comfort in this, and while we may threaten eachother on so many levels, our boxes are locked with the very same code.
Don't you know what it is?
Four digits, one guess.