Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wonderful fear.

After roaming the streets by streetlight with two other young trippers, it was time to retire to the place where fun times and awesome company await. Collecting a delicious crew, we boarded the bus to the wonderful house... I'd just been you know, considering there were some wonderful things in life, like the drug I was currently under the influence of, ... I had to witness something I did not want to see. The ugly side of the drug.
Someone I love terribly and hate passionatly stuck in some fucked up loop four days after the drug had expired... I started crying, I don't really know why, but man, that felt realzzz good. Shedding some tears, yessir. Was in need of that. And so, you know, there's a crying female, so this attracts attention and all these beautiful people are trying to comfort me and I'm trying to explain why I'm crying, and every time I started to calm the fuck down HE would come out again rambling about triangles and binary and mirrors and all this shit... And I'd break down again.
This continued until this one guy, some guy who's company I take for granted... But this WONDERFUL guy and me made and effort to understand what HE was talking about and so finally I was calm and could go inside, acid headache and fucked up nausea alongside.
The headache increased when I found that the shit HE was talking about was no longer upsetting but fucking annoying. At one point, he even attempted to start a fight with that wonderful guy and olawd, I shat brix.

But, anyways, epic tiemz. It was just so scarey seeing that shit while I was tripping away, and having a beautiful BEING trip beforehand... Goddamn kids and their damn drugs. >.>

Owell, I found some truley beautiful people and I wonder why I've been wasting my time with fuckheads for the past half year when I could've been getting to know these guys better. They prove there really IS some beauty in this world. :D

I'm going to stay sober for a while. Alcohol is dirty, I think, so I'll stop drinking easily. And other than that, there's only acid in the way, which, I'll admit.... scared me. Also, everytime I take it I just go straight back to that lovely BEING contentness... I've already found that. I'm good. Now, let me improve my sober state of mind. :D

Going to become such a lovely person, just wait and see.

Appreciate the people in your lives more, they're really something. They're really such a special bunch of people that are so wonderful... I couldn't hope for better company on this journey.

When I say 'I love you', I mean it.