Wednesday, November 4, 2009

21-15 33-16 30-18

Hay guys, do you think a 21 year old guy fucking a 15 year old girl is wrong, if they are clearly in love, and he gets her pregnant?
How about a 33 year old guy fucking a 16 year old girl, her doing it for drugs, whilst they fuck with eachothers heads, and calling the 21 year old a pedophile and threatening to kill the baby?
How about a 30 year old guy fucking an 18 year old girl, and constantly doing everything in eachothers power to piss one another off, and whilst noticing the other relationships in the house, but oblivious to the fact that some people may find their relationship a little wrong?

Just curious, that's all. ^.^ hypothetical situation.
legally, the 21 year old is in the wrong, but the two are in love and she's more mature than any adult I know. The third party isn't wronf at all, in my opinion, but just feeling a little guilty for getting so worked up at the second pairing for being HYPOCRITICAL CUNTS.



  1. They are all fucking insane; and one of the many reasons I refuse to set foot in that household.

  2. agreed.
    Hypothetically, what if you didn't post derogatory posts about your housemates?
    OR even better, worked to resolve the situation somehow. Oh never mind - That's WORK.
    Jeez, who does that?