Sunday, January 17, 2010


I was going to write a blog all about my weekend with my friends, cool cunts they are, totally enjoy chillin' and drinkin' and wrestlin' with them. Aw yeah.

However. I kind of just realised the only reason we're friends is because one of them thinks I'm attractive and wants me in the pants.

So me and my dearly beloved best female friend are invited to chill with some guys who are wicked shit, bro...

Turns out the only reason why is so the two single guys of the group will have something to fuck.

We're both in tricky situations, here. It is our belief that if she and her current man break up for whatever reason, she'll become one of the exes the group bitches about. If I do NOT hook up with this guy who wants me in the pants, I'm no use to them.

Let me see...

Oh, 'myyyy ferrrrri' decided to call me just to hear the sound of my voice. I haven't seen him for a entire week. KEEP YOUR DAMN PAWS OFF, or I aint gawna see you for a lot longer than that!

An old 'friend' of mine appears to have not even established friendship with me, because OLAWD, I saw him for the first time in a couple months, NOT A WORD TO ME HE SPOKE. Guy can't even acknowledge my presence... Hah, and then I get a text. 'Should have said hi, have a good night, ect...", which was slightly uplifting until I gathered the only reason he sent it was because a friend of mine heard how hurt I was by his act of ignoring and must have mentioned it to him.

Oh, and then there's the tool 'sir droopy' who I keep accidentally hooking up with when I'm drunk, because he's far more emotionally/mentally/physically drunk when I am. I wake up and have to slap myself a few times.


There is one guy... :) But I aint getting my hopes up, those things always get crushed. But hey, he likes quantum physics, Anne Rice vampire movies, Waking Life and conspiracy theory. Which is cool. He's a little younger than I'd usually go, you see, but that's excusable. Plus, he makes me laugh like a motherfucker.

Anyways... the thought of him made me happy. So I can no longer rant. I might come back and talk about that awesome weekend I had.



  1. That wouldnt happen to be lil benny boy would it?

  2. Hmmm...
    It very well could've been...
    But you see, after I sucked his dick and all, he is now quite rantable. :/
    Shit, hey.