Thursday, September 3, 2009

Same voices prt. 2

"Why are you dressed like someone out of the 17th century?", he asks, first thing he's said to me all night. I hope it will be the last, I'm much too high to deal with this shit. After spending an hour smoking weed in a little cellar, air-tight, continually smoking by just breathing... Lam was the last person I wanted to see.
I've been dating Kirsty for two weeks now. It doesn't feel like a relationship. See, the both of us have indulged in sexual activities with almost everyone bar eachother. She cuddles up to Lee at night, whilst I make myself at home in Michael's bed. Our shared words are limited, and I believe the attraction is dying. Already? The attraction that lead to me asking her to be my girlfriend, and the attraction that lead to her saying 'yes' and giggling as she kissed my lips, dead already?
It doesn't help that the both of us are chasing after someone else, anyway.
I find myself in awkward situations like these all the time, like the other night when Michael left the room and I wanted to put on fresh underwear and slipped a pair off and was just about to get into the second paor when in he came, jumped into the bed and put his arm around me. I spent the next ten minutes trying to pretend I wasn't trying to put on that pair of underwear. I don't know if this one and the Kirsty situation is at all the same, but it's still amusing to me.
So, I was drunk in the shed, and Adrian is giving me lessons on words and numbers. I'm no good at Maths, but somehow I manage to do Z to the power of Z + Z to the power of 6 + C to the power of 3. Amongst other equations, and one of them answers with 21122012.

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  1. goddamn it, define your variables before 7>=6NV turns into a polar equation!