Friday, October 2, 2009

The girl who cried Wolf.

There's a boy with eyes like ice. Sorrow-filled and yearning, he has a broken heart. He writes down his feelings and wishes for a second you could feel his pain, just so he wouldn't have to go it alone. He hates to see you cry, because it shows you're just as weak as him and he will hate you for it, because he hates himself. He can take a punch, and throw one, and he has no fear of fists. He's got a goonbag and a cigarette and messy curls on his head. He's so angry, and sad and sometimes you can open up to him because he's not afraid of emotions.

There's a demon with electric blue hair, tall and lanky, with spikes on his face. He's full of knowledge and insanity, he's so very intense. He likes to carry his victims in his arms, he likes to recite from books and find meaning in every image, every number, every letter of every word. He's so very fucked up and only the strongest of men can deal with him. The weak get mad and hurt him, the strong stand by his side. He's standing tall with a bag full of mushrooms and feeding his face with them. He believes he is the devil incarnated. He believes you can take anything, that he can't hurt you because he has so much faith in you.

There's a gentleman with eyes so bright. He has no flaws visible to the human eye, skin warm and smooth and covered in ink. He understands music and mathematics and even literature, and he can use his tongue. He treats you like a lady, whilst pouring red wine down your throat and discussing misscarriages and licking his lips. He's smoking a cigarette as he urinates on a dead celebrity's grave, silly females worshiping him because they know his body was made of stars and angel feathers.

There's a girl with a rat's tail crossing the street to meet the boy, the demon and the gentleman. There are hearts on her cheeks and intrigue in her eyes. She's wearing heels and a pinstripe vest, a scarf attached to her pants that sit evenly upon her prominent hip bones. She's in tears if joy as teh day goes perfectly to plan, embracing the boy, the demon and the gentleman and almost refusin to let go. She's blowing smoke in your face as she discusses music, pschology, drugs and Wonderland. She's got a pretty elf girl in her hand, a pretty elf girl she calls her girlfriend. By the end of the night, she's holding a gentlemans hand whilst he carries her heart to bed. What a wonderful way to end a perfect day.

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