Sunday, October 11, 2009

House Dialogue

'Shelvit buddy!'
'Fucking asshole important'
'Aw nu bru!'
'Are you hallucinating aliens?'
'I am going to fucking hungry!'
'I want some fucking goon'
'Going on cigarette mission'
'Shit son'
'Fuckin a'
'Awwwww shiiiiiiiiiit'
'You shall not pass!'
'Doof party in the bush'
'Flap your wings'
'Fuckin' dickheaaaaad'
'Crack wut?'
'Hey maaaan'
'Can I've a cone/smoke?'
'Oh, for fucksake!'
'wut cunt/ wut buddy'
'I'll smash you'
'Gotta catch 'em all!'
'Sleeping pills'
'Delicious bread/cigarette/girl'
'Gandalf style or Smeagle style?'
'Triangles and circles'
Pretty much all I hear at home. >.<

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