Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome to the downfall.

I myself am withering.
I knew it would happen, and I will try to put it off as long as possible so I can set you all on the right track.

You artists, and scientists, and leaders, and intellectuals, and anarchists, and hippies.
You philosophers, and punks, and enlightened, and passionate, and understanding, and observant.
You connected, and willing, and ready, and strong, and determined and elite.

I have the art of knowing exactly what must be done, but not a clue of how to do it.

I will entrust you all to your new leader.

If you are reading this, you know I am talking to you.
Oh, and congratulations. I wish you both the best.

I leave the fate of our world in your hands, good sir.

As one, we are the hopeless and confused, the angry and lost.

Together, we are the revolution.

Oh, to be like the masses, but be like the few!

Good luck, brave world.

I love you.

1 comment:

  1. I would lead, but martyrdom has never been particularly attractive - I will not captain this already sinking ship during its final throes.