Friday, June 5, 2009

Newest Gameshow. 3

Well, I must admit, when the lesbian killer vampires said they'd be coming back, I assumed tehy meant some time later this week, not the very next hour. Unprepared!

I can do italics on here, let's prepare ourselves for what is to come. Do we have the facts? No, because there is none. We're basing this on personal belief, arrogance and of course, science. So where are our facts? The laws of science don't meant shit when gravity doesn't exist anymore, dumb fucks. What the hell would your science mean in a place any different from here?
"Calm down, you'll wake the children. Roll yourself a cigarette and stop this shit. You're so sure? ".
No, every thought makes me more uncertain. But I love her, I do.
"So you want to abandon everything that makes you socially acceptable, because you say it doesn't fit with your beliefs and it's all brainwashing bullshit to keep you on a leash. Okay, I can understand that, then what ARE you going to do, if not live life like the human that you are!!!".
Agfthedjfejg. Stop abusing me just because my head is scrambled. I'm getting there, just wait for me. Please? Please don't go without me... I don't want to be left here.
But you love her, you do. Want a cup of tea, buddy? Will sort you out like a right chap.
No tea, please. Just give me you word.

"There's no such thing as my word, mat-e-o, nothing exists anymore. Crawl out and face what you wanted. Time has stopped, nothing is real, you're just observing without that human body you despise so much, why are you not happy? Did you think you'd still be able to feel happiness? So ungrateful, so ungrateful. You who takes nothing for granted suddenly uses up all the joy in the world like it were free. Because you know it is".

Thankyou, I'm done for now. You may finish your tea in peace.

Thanks, mat-e-o, I'll see you after The Finish.