Friday, June 26, 2009

Wrong?... with me??

So, I was speaking with someone who is far more intelligent than me. And he was talking about how we only have one thought, or Font sizesuch.
I then I thought 'But don't you have thought layers? I mean, there's one loud thought which is basically you reciting something, and beneath that is the memory you're taking this knowledge from, and beneath that is the one of you thinking about your thoughts, and then under that there is the one that you know is there but before you can reach it, you get distracted by one of the higher ones".
So it's like.
Layer 1. 'I kind of want to go to ..... 's house' followed by why you want to go there, who will be there, what you'll do.
Layer 2. Is a memory, that you're thinking about, like the last time you went there and you're still thinking about this while the top thought is playing.
Layer 3. Under that is you thinking 'Hmm, why am I thinking about this, it's really weird for me to mention ..... in my thoughts, I mean, it has nothing to do with the situation whatsoever, oh man, what the hell am I thinking about now?'
Layer 4. ---malfunction--- You know it's there, but you can't quite catch it because a soon as you're about to layer 1. changes to 'Man, that girl is wearing the most fucked up clothes' and so the other thought layers change.

I'm not too sure how to explain, I guess, but I certainly have thought layers. I never have just ONE thought. Now, on pot, the 'subliminal message' thought, the 'bottom thought', shall we say, is intensified, so I can catch it and the stuff at the bottom of all my thoughts is rather negative and paranoid so I now believe THIS is why I can not smoke pot.
On acid, however, the thoughts all become ONE. :) I get everything at once. It can become rather 'intense', but it's much better than having them all split up so's I dunno what to do with them.

Anyways, more to the point, when I denied my friends point and brought up the thought layers, he said he didn't have it. :/

Is there something wrong with my thoughts? My head? I thought thought layers were normal???


  1. I have them, but in my case they're more a very fast montage than layers as such.
    May be a female thing :)

  2. Ah, and this could be what they mean when they say women are better at multitasking? Women can concentrate better on multiple things because they have multiple thoughts?

  3. I shall put aside a few hours for a detailed response to your question later today.