Monday, July 20, 2009


I found something precious, something everlasting, eternal, forever.
You know, if only I could reach that... MOMENT in sober world... I would be whole.
Tripping bawlz in a bathroom, one guy complaining that he was bored, the other talking about what we should do tomorrow, and a girl whining about the cold... And I'm going 'Forget tomorrow, just BE. In this moment".
I'm not sure how to describe it, but I belonged to the way things were. I was without need or want, I was barely alive but... So... Perfect. It was simply... ALL THAT IS.

Why fuss and complain, why constantly ache and shift, bitch and whine? We can be whole, so happy, just in the moment, content with everything. The past does not exist, nor does the future, there is simply that moment and everything that it is... Just melting into the isness. Melting into the moment.

Why, can I only achieve this beautiful thing under the influence of psychedelic drugs?

I suggest next time you nom acid, you close your eyes, forget about the situation... No distractions. You'll find you do not NEED anything, you do not WANT anything... You just are, and it is perfect, the most whole and happy you will ever be...

I found something precious...
I had to leave it, after staring at grass and trees and lights and sky... All so BEAUTIFUL. Perfect, everything... NOBODY appreciated it as I did. I had to leave it, to find the world ugly and torn, more horrible than I had ever seen it before and I exhaled my moment.

I found something precious, and I'm afraid I've packed it away again... I want to go back, and stay there, want it to last. God fucking dammit, I just want to be!

I nearly poofed out of existance, I mean, for sure. But they kept distracting me, because they are humans. And, you know the thing aout humans? So unsatisfied. CONSTANTLY looking for something or someone to make them happy. SO UNSATISFIED. If they hadn't kept touching me and talking to me, I'd... have... made it... At last.

So close. I want to go back to my moment.


  1. you speak of

    the state of perfect timeless wonder

    the act of being - the moment of IS.

    a singularity of enlightenment and glory

    that we used to refer to as the german philosophical principle of istigkeit.

  2. and also through the phrase 'keep moving' (once born, ever moving, even when sitting still). and also ( i just spent about 30mins looking for a link to an old post of mine on the subject. it was written in feb or march, but i'm a bit too scattered to find it, sorry.)
    have a looksie if you want :)
    and take care of yourself.

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    wut is this germfag all up in his istigkeit?

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