Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dearest, you.

Back in the day...

Nostalgia eats at your soul.

Here, now, in the build-up of nothing. With no one here to kill, no one here to fuck. The point of no return.

Don't fall down, little soldier. Remember forever what we had, back in the day, in our little rose garden. Don't give up, little soldier. Someone out there is watching you intently, waiting for you to crack. Waiting for you to lose the game. (lol, sorry).

Here, now, in this burning building... Watch the walls cave in, liquid fire composing this disaster... No one left to crash and burn. No return.

But save the kitten, little soldier. It will only take a moment of your time. To try and understand the mess I created here, now, in the burning building. Take your time, and think of the serpent, think of Exitland, think of the spider dance, think of ward 23, the stars, the cups of tea...

Think back, back in the day.

I am creating an entire universe, a new galaxy to replace this burning building. So don't worry, I'm still sorry, but it must come down.

'The feeling' is ever near. I am creating an entire fucking galaxy inside my mind, let me project it. Let me deliver it to you, little soldier. It's all I ever wanted.

I know you're feeling hollow, but I still love you. Sometimes you have to let go of things when you care...

I still see the scenario... I still see us on mountain tops, hand in hand, reaching for the stars as the sky falls down.

Never forget it, little soldier, you are my missing piece and I won't leave you behind.

Come back to me when you're good and ready.

Sincerely, Miss Conflicted.

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  1. >.> Written to four people, from two living creatures. Great letter, in my opinion. ;D