Saturday, July 11, 2009

I shat universal brix.

I'm not going to deny being scared, because, I shat brix, but...

I figured it out. Everything and nothing. All mine.
All. That. Is.
I'll catchya later, guys, I'll be running the doofs amongst the stars.
You'll know me when you see me.
Oh, and...
I speak in quotes, lyrics and metaphors. Nothing I say is for certain, and nothing I say quite makes sense, say, like a clock. Nothing I say is quite as powerful, say, like a clock. Nothing I think can be predicted, say, like a clock.
But I do rule the world, just so you know.
This is me, coming back with answers.
Time is a great teacher.
I mean, this isn't a metaphor, for once. This being, Time himself, quite literally taught me everything.
Time, life, God, power, matter, science, law, drugs, earth, stars...
All. That. Is.
"Maybe I'll visit you in exit land some day... some day.... some day".

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