Friday, July 31, 2009

Newest Gameshow. 4

What is this, you ask? I'm terribly sorry, I thought I was on stage? Isn't this the set for... Oh nevermind, nevermind, I'm havin difficulties adjusting to the situation. I thought somewhere, in a book, or a t.v series, maybe a movie, it was illegal to do this? Or at least very bad, and we'll be discredited for our behaviour?
"You're not wrong, the t.v show you speak of is life".
Oh, that'd be it. Stupid, stupid me. Why must I continue to do this? Get it all mixed up... It's not fair, AND LOOK OUT, I HAVE SWINE FLU!
"You're not allowed to sleep, keep drinking t3h g00nz".
But I simply can not! You see, while under the influence of influenza I find it difficult to stand upon my own two feet! It makes a fool of man, really. So, of course, I must rest.
"That is a valid reason, not an excuse, I shall have none of eet".
Oh must you hold me in the air like so? It's terribly -oh my- harsh on the stomach. OH MY. Wonderful, fantastic, a bed at last, soft and warm and --- ooooh!
"Mind if I join ye?"
Well... Cigarette?
"You have an amazing body, HOLD EET, HOLD EET! Maybe we shoulda waited 'til they left..."
It isn't fair... And OH LAWD YOU HAVE TEH SWINE FLU! I'm terribly sorry :3.
"T'was worth it, indeed. Any tea?"
No, sir, no tea. Just that kiss goodbye, thanking you.


  1. wut is this.
    you have teh swine flu?
    serves you right. :D