Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good luck.

Light and movement, we're in good company.
Keep repeating that to make up for the dodgy treats and find you have the best night of your life. Many thanks, this memory will be cherished forever and ever.
His kiss goodbye injected me with happiness, and removed the 'forced sanity' I've been holding. Now I'm what I was before. I guess he saw it was time. I'll wait another three months until I'm struggling hard, and he'll rip me out of it, just in time.

To the people I've found, you are simply beautiful. Thank you.
To the people I've left behind, I'll miss you, good luck.

His kiss will leave you begging for more, crying at his door, legs spread like a whore, heart cracked and sore.

Deja vu, bitch?
Your story is a fucking loop.

I'll miss you, good luck.