Sunday, February 8, 2009


I don't want to breathe the air you breathe. I don't want to consume the food, the drugs, the liquids, the words or the observations that you do. I don't want to know the people you know. I dont want to think about you, and I'd hate to think you were thinking about me. I don't want to ever see your fucking face again, least I crack it open and let your self-asorbed mind leak out in to my hands. And we'll sit and sift through you, like the toy you are, like the toy you are for anyone who wants a game.
I hate you so much, my bones ache, my fists clench, my head feels on the verge of explosion every time I picture your grinning face.
I hope a shittonne of evil befalls you. I hope you finally care about something.

Let's face it, I want you out of my life. If I must force it, I will. But you should be dead, and you wouldn't care, would you? Little cunt.

Fucking choke on your own selfish greed.


  1. Who's got you feeling like this girl?
    Doom itself befalling a man, i could not imagine a hate such as this.

  2. Jesus, I was an angry little shit.
    Harsh words, past me, but you won't know REAL hate for a few years to come. You just like being dramatic, huh?