Sunday, February 22, 2009


I would never hurt you, they said. Liars.

"Edward lived in a dumpster, right? And like, he had a beard and he's bald and shit, and there's s stain ont he side of the dumpster. Anyways, he came out with a bag of apples, but they were pretty rotten. Not wanting to be rude, I simply said, "Yeah, I'll save it for later". Then, he came out with a bag of nectarines. Rotten nectarines. Lucky, there was only two, so I just said "Yeah, don't wanna take your last ones, bro". So the fucker brings out a loaf of bread, and once again, I have to think of an excuse so I don't seem rude. "Dude, I like have diseases and I dont wanna spread 'em". And he gets all "Sis, if you don't want any of my food, just like, say so". So I said "Nah, I'm a broccoli"".

This simple story that I played on repition, winding in, adding facts and fiction to Kyren McTripper, so in the end, and even now, he's unsure whether this story actually happened or not.

I'm sorry, Kyren, but I had to.


Without sight, I could almost function, if it weren't for colors. Colors, light and movement. The making of LSD. It all boils down to the fact that my hearing is much more important to me than my sight. It used to be such an easy choice, between the two. "I'd lose my sight, blindness I could deal with". Now, thanks to Wonderland, I could never give up the fractals.

A burning cigarette, embers alight in the darkness, moving, twisting and contorting so brightly, everything else a total blur, focused so intently on the heat and light eating the paper, down, down, down. A splash of colors in the sky, a volcanic exploxion of a rainbow, spattered in patterns across my vision, falling up and around, backwards, forwards, a fixed gaze as the the colors melt away after a single blink, letters, patterns fading away because my eyes just shifted at that unexpected time, and they are gone. A kaleidescope, pulsing with hysteria behind my eyes, colors flooding my eyelids, my entire sight a mess of random images bending in and out of the rings of color, circles, a rainbow, a sweet candy bobbing, and as you watch the music, no sound, only sight, you wish to share it with everyone, but they are missing out. This is your adventure, as the fractal elves ask you what the hell you've been smoking, and you can only grin, extand a tongue and watch the miniture images build up in to one picture, the picture of life, as they collide and wind in and out, between eachother, a serpent, a brilliant mess of beauty, wonder. Then the sky collapses, as the colors melt in and out, in and out of your mind. And you become the color, but you don't know which it would be, only that it's beautiful. So relaxed, even if you do not know who or where you are. Everything so much larger, lost in a six-by-six room, questioning the floorboards. You're only, what is going on inside your head? You'll make it explode, and WHOOSH, the colors speed past, as water flows down the walls, hands extented to touch it, where is it? It's then, watching your hands dance to the music in your eyes, as you manipulate time and try and figure out what is going on, that you wonder if you've lost yourt mind for good. And for a moment, the idea scares you, for you could never get used to this, but then you remember, you didn't take it to be placed in a normal state of mind, and even if your mind is broken, that's what you were aiming for in the end, right? You remember that everything, everything is in your control. And that's when the colors, lights and any brillieant theories that come along with them fade in to darkness.

Lost. In. LSD.

Baby, we're in Wonderland.

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  1. Your so-called 'simple story' that you told poor Kyren didn't even make any sense. You're weird.

    Neither did the rest of your post. It was just a bunch of pretty words all smudged together.

    Hm. Though, maybe that is exactly the effect you were looking for?