Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Mushrooms

It's a quarter to three in the afternoon and the sky is black.
Gravity is avoiding me!
All laws of physical being have escaped and now I've lost the crumb trail.
So I follow the rabbit instead.
Down, down, down...
Theoretically, relativity and actuallity are only part of the connectivity to logicallity!
Tears are filling these walls up.
I can't get out,
of the nowhere I'm stuck in.
The door's not locked, but still, I can't get through.
Changing shape, smaller, larger, WHOOSH, a butterfly.
To avoid all laws of physical being!
So I follow the rabbit instead.
I'm still as damp as ever,
And no, I do not understand this game!
No one exists!
Do I exist?
Paint the roses red to avoid decapitation.
And try to remove the floating head from it's non-existant body.
Oh, my hero, who can't stand on his own two feet!
And now I'm talking to the garden.
So I follow the rabbit instead,
defying the laws of gravity!
Take the mushroom, take the mushroom.
We all know about the mushroom.
A fancy trip on a sunny night!
Where will you be next hour?
But, oh, time is only a mirage in this fractal mess!
Colors, light, and WHOOSH, a butterfly!
So I follow the rabbit instead.
Can't stick to one size,
Can't stick to one cup!
What a tea party!
What a fancy hat!
You know, you really aren't all that right in the mind.
You know, I'm really not all that here.
What a fancy trip on a black morning!
The smile, it smiles!
So haunting, so wise!
And chills molesting my spine!
It looks better now it's morphed.
So I follow the rabbit instead.
To defy the Queen of Hearts!
To avoid decapitation!
How can there be a theft if nothing is missing?
We all know about the mushrooms.
What a curious trip on a curious day!


  1. Hehehehe.
    That's a nice little thing you did there, past me. :3

    It is very Wonderlandy. I think you hit the nail and all that.