Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Part of the bass

The pulse of the music traced through her, etching intricate patterns in to the white of her bones, like spiderwebs. It seemed to calm her, even with the soft feeling of pain it carried, and as she took in the words of brutallity, spoken by a master of enthusiastic vocals, she suddenly realized, this could help her.
She allowed it to move her words across the page, sometimes back and forth, up and down and in circles. This could've, should've been confusing, but she pressed on as the song changed and a new masterpeice leaked over the page.
My God, you're brutal.
And that's just so magical, she thought, as flashing lights instructed her to look away. Not now, not now, she was flowing. Flowing to the bass, her fingers moving up and down, thump, thump, thump, dancing across the keyboard in a race to the finish. Did there really have to be a finish?
Not now, not now, not while the memory of each previous sound was still fresh in her memory, not while the words and the music were calming her contagious rage, her spirit ripping through her ribcage and into the outside. It couldn't help it, it wanted to dance too.
A tricky time came, she decided, to let go of all connection. But as the words before this line, as the words registered meaning in to her head she understood that it was just one step away, she was totally capable.
As she questions herself, unsure of how to seperate the truth from the lies, she almost forgets that she is right. So right in herself, for life is only what you make it, and the lies she dedicated to the swan years before will now be the truth in the swans eyes.
"Multiple identities, why can't you see I was born for this?"
Her fractured lines begin to weave as the beat increases speed, and as the fall ack in with the diluted audio, she slips inside the calming frequency, inside the cadence of the thump,thump, thump.
She feels her head rock back, closed eye images, the need to be restrained, removed, pulse, pulse, pulse. Dance with me. Pulse, pulse, pulse.
She begins to feed them all a peice, their bodies convulsing in time with the bass tones, a shock wave of gratification flowing down, down, down in to your new home. Live in the realm of this song, it's so prepared, it's setting the borders, the limits, making the rules.
Her words... Stop... And start slow as the music falls to a near halt, needing it to pick up again so the story can continue, the story of audio, the story of your life inside this pulse, pulse, pulse.
A line, so slow, so true. "There's only one way to get what you want and that's to get it".
Back in the time, but not quite. Here we go, are you ready to feel your weight on the floor? We will demonstrate to you disorientation. We will now enter your eardrums. Hold ack, you're going to fast, you'll explode.
Now, we're really fucking. "Wash away my memory".
Faster, faster, faster! You're invincible, baby! You're invincible!
The music threatens to take your life, but you no longer feel afraid, for you're apart of it tonight.
La, la, la, la, la.
Harsh whispers sound so loud, fill you up and hack you up from the inside.
La, la, la, la, la.
Time for your head to get raped. Pounded in to the wall, forever. Faster, faster, faster!
Are you ready to say goodye to silence?


  1. Heh. I kinda liked that. I mean, it was creative.

    Still just weird gibberish tho. >.>
    Oh well, some people LIKE weird gibberish?