Saturday, May 23, 2009

Headgames on the road to war.

I am fresh. I have cleared my mind and sorted it out. A spring cleaning.
But still, the uncanny stillness. The feeling... Of needing to do something whilst there is nothing left to do, but sit back and wait for the war.
The feeling... Of packing all your mental belongings inside and getting the bars back to full strength.
Must get prepared.
The calm before the storm.
Can't sit still. Can't think straight. Can't get back to reality, because I don't know where it is. Believe me. This isn't right.
And one day you'll take back the times you mocked me. When you see that everything I ever said about this... 'place' was so right. You'll see I am more than you could ever be.
I don't know what to expect, but I can feel the change coming.
The people scurrying like ants before it rains.
I don't think they understand what I'm doing.
I'm bringing myself back, fuck your upheaval.
I am my universe, your thoughts don't need to reach me. Just wait.
I've already found several of them.
Tut tut, he who knows all, you're so usually right, I can sense it, but believe me, he is not one of them. You're wrong. Stop playing games and get to the awards. You've underestimated me.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, past-me, you're so arrogant.
    "One day you'll take back the times you mocked me".

    Do you know what's funny? I AM MOCKING YOU NOW.

    Fuckin' fool.