Saturday, May 23, 2009

Newest Gameshow. 2

Well, shit, the sarcasm and joker effect used within this peice is slightly overwhelming.
Apologies, I did not mean to cause malfunctions, it just happens on occasion; This is a special occasion.
Calls for a celerbration, a battle within the self, the battle to find the least likely. So hurry up and produce the glasses! A lot can be learned, in fact, just by losing! And what, in the great marmoset's name could be gained by coming out on top? Pride, satis- ooooooh. That feels good, right there.
Tchhh, feeling better now?
"I must say, I've lost my marbles! Fantastic! Wonderful!".
Did you not say there was yet ANOTHER!?
"Another, ye say!? Well in fact, yes! Yes! Yes! But let's not go into that, it's far too cruel on the woman's face. Did you see the look she gave -malfunction- !?"
Tut tut, I must say, you've lost your marbles. But then, I never saw you marbles and you never told me about them before, so how the hell do I know you ever had them?
"Because wh-why would one INSIST on losing something if it never was there to lose?"
Because they are insane!?
"Fantastic! Wonderful! You have passed this level. Onwards, dear warrior, and I love you, thanks a lot".
Wh-why thanking you, my little cumkins.


  1. "A cyber implant, ye say?
    I must have epic proportions."

    Btw, this shit probably won't end any time soon, it's the only way I seem to be getting the message across. Much like Ward 23, you will not understand it in a sense of being able to ponder it. But you will, in the sense that it will hit a certain spot. Above may look like giberish, but it is certainly far from it. Cheers. ;D

  2. THIS
    gets the point you missed earlier.
    Well done <3
    (and therefore, take no heed of this message, and do not acknowledge it, or let it distract you from continuing in this way!)

  3. Tehehe. That shit about lot marbles always cracks me up.

    Jolly good, sir.