Thursday, March 4, 2010

The birth of all evil.

Put all your love into just one thing, go on, do it. Do you know the risk you run of becomming attached? Do you know how it feels to have your heart crushed and stomped before your very eyes?
When that love that you love just doesn't love as much as you love.
It hurts, doesn't it? Wouldn't you much rather be a solid, cold rock incapable of love?
Females are the epitome of evil, the fruit of temptation, the wicked little whores that lure you in then pierce your very heart with their 6 inch stilletos.
Eve was the birth of evil, Adam was the birth of the manipulated man who put his entire heart into just one thing, to have it crushed and stomped before his very eyes.
Females take, take, take, give nothing back, then act like innocent little pretty things. Hit the bitch, hit her hard, she can take it, she deserves it.
Females think that by sitting, looking pretty, they can get away with anything, and the foolish heart of man will forgive their wicked sins. Do not forgive the Devil. Do not forgive the horrid little seed of demons. Do not forgive the slut that left you to wither and rot.
Hit the bitch, smack her good, she can take it, she deserves it.

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