Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sex on the beach is sandy.

After an epic trek to a fail party, myself and this pretty little fgt decided to bail, get some sleep. He kept on asking "What do we do when we get to Charles Street?". I'm half-drunk, and feeling awkward, so I just shrug my shoulders, but I do agree that we should get naked.
Unfortunatley, after half an hour waiting for a train, whilst he half-jokes for me to suck his cock, we get kicked off for lack of a ticket. Tired, lost and cold, my clothes being drenched and neither of us having a clue where we've been kicked off, we wander aimlessly to a beach and lay down.
Once more, he tries to convince me to suck his cock, and I'm like "Hellz nah!" and he's like "There's a first time for everything" and I'm like "No, nevar!". So he's like "K, at least gimme hand", and I'm like "Hellz nah! I aint touching that dirty thing!".
I must admit to him that I am a selfish lover, and we discuss the idea of having sex for a while, because I've had my eyes on this one. (Though, I must say, I didn't really expect to end up in such a miserable state JUST to get laid).
"Kay, at least cuddle me". This gets boring after a while... "Kay, at least kiss me". "Yeah, now that you've asked me to, it'd be hell awkward, as if I'm following orders, which I never do".
We're well convinced that this is the most ridiculous sex attempt yet. He gets his hand in my pants, but I can't stop laughing at the hilarity of the situation. After some flirtatious chatter, it is a right moment to kiss, and such.
"I'm having dirty thoughts".
"Oh yeah? Like if I get on top of you like this... spread your legs, like this... Is that what you're thinking?"
He looks hell sexy right about now. "Yes, exactly. But you're just teasing, aren't you?"
"Yes, I am".
We stay in this manner for a little while....
"You got protection?"
"Finally!", I sigh, and dig about my bag.
"Hurry up, Ferret!" he says, whilst roaming about between my thighs with his hand.
"Hurry up, faggot!", I say in return as he attempts to ready his weapon.
"Shut up, bitch".
This is good, now. There is some soft biting, spanking, hair-pulling, deep penetration, and even when he flips me to my knees, some asphyxiation. T'is goooood.
This goes on for LOOOOONG time ;D, with me laughing at everything from time to time because I can't take anything seriously. But fuck off, jokesex is win.
When he finishes, he asks me how it was, leaning into my ear from behind, all sexy like. "That was...not ridiculous?"
Because I'd been talking about how ridiculous every other fucking thing all night had been. Was good sex, man. Was probably worth it.
And then it's all like "K, let's go to sleep. Bai".
Wake up, half naked, at a busy beach, and some woman is all like "Hey, girls. Are you okay?", and I lol. She thinks my pretty fgt is a girl. ^^
-Crosses that one off the To Do list-.

It seems, the only thing I have to write about these days is love and lust. I kind of fail, I'm heeeeelll losing my writing skills. Sadface.

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