Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't eat trains, bro. Can't digest metal.

Pure Morning.

I'm sitting on the wall, daylight has just broke, the sun is welcoming me, yet I shy away from it. The Messiah appears, begins singing songs of heartbreak, and I sigh as it is so fitting to my current state. We wander around for a while, getting some crackers, cheese and mocha and having a little feast. The devil child approaches us, as do two young girls and we roam about initiating random conversation with passers-by, laughing at the Messiah's attempts to hook-in with the pretty girls that wander by.

Carton in hand, we wander to the tree by the glasshouse and get our drunk on, discussing this ad that under nature's shelter. The conversation turns to me, and how wonderful I am. "Do you know what wonderful means?". I am told how much I am loved, it is always beautiful to hear those words from those I also love.

On returning to the wall, my body falls automatically into the Angel's, and we hold each other for what seems like forever, breaking apart only for him to spin me around or plant kisses on my face. "You are just who I wanted to see", I tell him, burying my face into his chest. "Each moment without you hurts". He whispers in my ear, "Each second without you is heartbreak".

The two of us skip hand in hand to the church, and douse ourselves in holy water, his presence so comforting and perfect to my battered soul. On leaving the church, I bolt full speed to my Dear one, holding her to me. I then get upon my knees before her and offer her a rose. "I love you, I miss you, all apologies etc". She tells me she forgives me, giggling so cutely.

I am surrounded by wonderful souls, each of those beautiful people I'd been thinking so frantically of just hours before. I nestle on the grass with a select few of them, and we share ideas, poetry and love. Darkness is approaching, and the Angel lifts me to my feet and carries me to the presence of Angie, where the Mad Hatter stands."Oh, and could Ferret be invited?". I am now invited to a glorious party.

And only the best, the best company I should have! The one with Eyes like Ice takes me aside, telling me he has something important to say, that no one should eavesdrop upon. He wishes to discuss my Angel. "You know how you think he's so lovely? Yeah, well I think something will happen tonight that will show you how full of deceit he is".

It's suspicious, as the party crew get off the train, I overhear his conversation with a girl. His Eyes like Ice lock on mine. "It's just that she keeps hanging around --- and -----", he says to her, looking into me. "And there will come a time when 'I told you so' won't be good enough because the damage will already be done".

Dark Night

My paranoia is seeping in again, due to sleep deprivation and my idea that such a perfect day could naturally only be followed by a disastrous night. The girl with the Perfect Smile can relate to this, as we discuss all manner of things. All though I love her for all eternity, my trust for her died centuries ago.

I spend my eve watching him watching me, and listening to people silently judging me. I carry out a young boy's wishes of 'to make him melt', as his is on acid and I am renowned for loving headgames. I plant the seed: "A whole room full of people trying to send you insane". I then subjectify him, have a room full of eyes solely devoted to his tripper form. He is now quivering in a chair, with an adorable scared look on his face at every movement or word from anyone.

I've allowed him to drive himself paranoid. He goes to take a drink, I shake my head, his lips getting closer, I facepalm."I don't want it! It's dangerous!". Perfect. I then proceed to pass him various drinks, eagerly encouraging him to drink. He is now melted. In the morning, he tells me he never wants me to do that again. All I did was plant a seed! D:

The characters I shared that eve with, which never turned wrong as I thought, are the epitome of life. She with the Perfect Smile, who I shall never trust. He with the Eyes like Ice, who is very good at fucking with my head! The Mad Hatter, The Messiah, The Angel. Perfection, it was.

He with Eyes like Ice planted a seed in my reality... My suspicion was hectic that eve. My eyes darting from him to The Angel, trying to think of whom did I trust more of the two. I wish you would all just come out and say it to me, ffs.

Regardless, a wonderful day followed by a wonderful night, and my is Angie'shouse marvellous! Each of the characters was wonderful and beautiful, and I thank the universe for allowing me knowledge of such beings.

Still...If you could just say it...

I love you.

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