Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cheshire Cat smile.

Cheshire Cat, with your darting in and out of my radient reality, half-smile and pride, so intelligent, I just know you like headgames, vote insanity, we're all mad here... Those eyes boaring into my mind, antenna feeling for any concious thought, and you find it, that's why you like me, Cheshire Cat, but you can't resist a mindfuck. Fucking my mind is better then not fucking me at all, right?

Mad Hatter, with your coats and vests and Tripper Logic insanity, dining over tea and experimenting in the arts of cooking, bow, and be polite, but NEVER conform. Integrity, people! Those eyes, half there, half in me, the art of communication is not lost with you, and you see I can hold a conversation, that's why you like me, Mad Hatter. You respect me as equal, but you can't resist a mindfuck.

White Rabbit, pedantic and vain, but not shallow. With your symbology and air of good luck even whilst tragedy bites at your heels. A very important date indeed, 21122012 marks the calender of those eyes. Those eyes, analysing me with curiosity and passion, not a word of yours is wasted for the sake of being heard, you live in the now, make the most of each moment, each fleeting emotion. But you can't resist a mindfuck, that's why you like me, White Rabbit.

My, my. Take me to Wonderland, would you?

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