Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soundwave 2010 (Because '10' or oh 10, just sounds dumb)

We spend lengthy time looking for Stage 5. The map is misleading and errored, and as consequence, we miss out on Shinedown, and spend the time waiting for Alexisonfire, kissing beneath the showers.
As consequence... We soak all our cigarettes and spend time drying them in the sun, asking for Rollie papers. My fists were clenched at the lack of '44 Caliber love letter' as was everyone Else's around Alexisonfire.
I have seen Elora Danan a total of 5 times in my short life, every fucking time hoping they'd play 'Who are you!? Stop writing in my diary!!". They only had a few fucking songs, and they NEVER played it. This lack of song by Alexisonfire pissed me off equally.
We bounced around the area, running from the sound of Paramore. "You're not punk!", I scream. "Get of the stage!". If there's one thing I can't stand, it's stupid fucking pop-emo bands claiming to be punk because they dye their hair.
The most epic thing of the entire day was the guy dressed as Jesus with 'What wouldn't I do?' written on his back. I lol'd so hard. Also, the amount of wonderful hair surrounding me... Long metal hair, liberty spikes and hawks, dreads and emo hair. I was in hair heaven!
Finally, Placebo. I dragged my girl as close to the front of the stage as possible, and adrenalin was pumping. I felt like I was on fucking acid, I was that happy! Oh, and I nearly melted as I hear the line 'Sucker love is heaven-sent'. And then, to make things even better, I heard the line 'I was alone, falling free, trying my best not to forget'.
So, as I'd said earlier, I didn't care what songs Placebo played, since I love ALL the music, but it just happened to be my favorites. Just as I was on the verge of lyrical climax... 'You are one of God's mistakes, you crying, tragic waste of skin'. That sent me over the edge. And MY, did the crowd go WILD for Placebo! Was incredible!
Unfortunately, we had to leave a few minutes before hand so we could see Meshuggah, so I didn't see them finish. Why, oh WHY did the two bands I was most looking forward to have to be overlapping!? Meshuggah are dumb, though. They wasted 25 minutes warming up!
Was still FUCKING AWESOME seeing them. I discovered lengths in my hair I didn't know existed! Oh, and the smartass vocalist thinks he'll show his love for Australia by wearing a fucking corkhat. Was pretty hilarious, though.
We mission over towards the main stage and chill on the grass, and I after a while, I realise the music I'm hearing is familiar. I stand up and see Davey Havok, my pre-teen celebrity crush. I lol. SIX years ago, had I been there, I would have gone insane. Now, I was like 'Meh'.
The entire time, I was wondering how a punk as fuck band suddenly became emo as fuck. Davey is a pretty cool guy though. I was listening to him talking, and I must say, AFI do a pretty good performance. And how did I KNOW they'd finish the fucking thing with 'Miss Murder'!?
We went for a cigarette hunt, and encountered this guy who wanted livestock, cattle or sheep, he suggested in trade for a rollie paper. In the end, he agreed to my girlfriend's deal of three kids from me. I was like 'WUT!?'.
He was wicked as, had really faintly colored clock-hands on his arm, and I melt at anything to do with Time. Then he asked us to write on him before he ran away, and Krys wrote 'I dub thee sir douche', and I wrote 'You need acid', to which he agreed. Said reality was too boring and he wanted to go to the 'psychotropic' universe.
We waited over 9000 centuries for Trivium to fucking start playing, because we were going to watch half of them, then half Gallows. But they decided to copy Meshuggah and delay us all, so we only heard two songs before me had to bolt.
Disappointing, because I just KNOW it would have been mad. I swear, Trivium are the most popular band int he world. About 40 percent of soundwave population had Trivium shirts on, followed NOT closely at all by Alexisonfire, and then by Tool, strangely enough. I was like "Tool aren't fucking here... which makes me sadface". Maynard's voice = instant orgasm.
Gallows owed the night by FAR. And here I was thinking punk was dead. I'd never actually listened to them before the night before, and on hearing the couple of songs I heard, I was like "Yeah, might as well check 'em out at Soundwave". So fucking glad I did!
"Some pretty great bands here, and some pretty shit ones. I want you all to go watch Escape the Fate play, and just stand there and boo". He got us to practise. "We pretty much crush all other performances of the night. This next song is one by Black Flag, and if you don't know who Black Flag is, you probably shouldn't be at this festival".
I'd had the urge to release my inner 'Fuck yeah!' all day and all night, but nothing had yet been quite worthy as that last sentence. Fist straight in the air, before I could even think, "Fuck yeah!". I love when I satisfy urges!
I'm going off like crazy, and they're jumping around on stage, and the crowd is like -moshmoshheadbangmosh2stepmoshscream-, and they get a fucking human pyramid going and I am SO FUCKING SATISFIED. I have never, ever seen a performance like that!
Me and Krys have a lovely cuddle on the grass as we listen to Jimmy Eat World, and I glare at some cunt as he tells 'em to get off the stage, because it's very mean to say that. But then I think, well, maybe a few people thought that when I said it to Paramore. Sadface.
I've been waiting to hear them play my song, and just as they're about to leave stage... The Middle comes on and I have to kick my girlfriend off my lap so I can get up and dance and sing like never before. This song saved my fucking life!
Now, what the crowd has been waiting for, please enter Mike Patton and Faith No More! -Crowd goes wild, and crowd is entirety of Soundwave-. By this time, me and Krys are exhausted and our stupidly heeled feet hurt like cunts, so we sit down and just listen.
Pretty shit, because I just know Mike Patton's stage performance would have been epic as all shit. I just yell "Thank you for influencing Todd Smith and thus giving birth to the ideas that spawned Dog Fashion Disco!", to Mike Patton.
We play with glowies and cigarettes in the grass while we baby-sit some pillhead guy and watch all the pretty girls and boys walking past. I kept falling in love with people. They had cool green mohawks and electric blue liberty spikes and long, silky black hair, and cool tattoos, and they had shirts of Tool, and The Doors, and Nirvana, and The Cure, and The Ramones! -Melts-. What was I supposed to do?
Fucking epic. So satisfied with that. Hee.

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