Sunday, March 22, 2009

Amongst the trees

So, what a horrible episode... It ends so nicely.
The serpent departs for a little while, my thoughts are my own. He leaves behind a soft, scented trail of bad luck, but nothing I can't handle.
Each time we kissed, he was so eager, so gentle, yet so furious. Just the way I like it. Losing clothes in piles of leaves, a psycho sound filling our ears somewhere far away in the distance of dancing diamonds. Somewhere deep in the bush, amongst trees and darkness, amongst folds of skin, mounds of flesh, somewhere in my own little world. This is exactly what I wanted, let's begin.
What I've been waiting for, for so long it starts to hurt somewhere deep inside, when even your voice makes my whole body tingle with warm pleasure. I envision your face and it overwhelms me, I can't hold back, I need you so bad.
"You know you want to fuck me, and I really want to fuck you, does that feel good?"
Oh, fuck yes.
Taking me on little pleasure adventures, things I'd never felt before, things I would never allow another to bring to me, but still, he never entered me.
One step at a time, but oh God, these steps are so fucking far apart, I can'twait any longer, but I already promised it to you, and so you will get it. I never break a promise.
Sunlight, welcoming the memories of a fucked up night, people I knew so completely wrecked, while my head was only buzzing a little. I tried to mend friendships, meet new people, take care of those too far gone to do it themselves... So lost in other people, I couldn't fully kick back and let the fractals combust, rush towards me and repeat themselves for eternity. 'I could live like this, I swear it'.
And so, the morning came, filled with bodies in close contant, as early chill struck our spines. Little conversation, the passing of a cigarette or two and the hazey thoughts of 'what did we do last night?'.
As the morning graduated into early afternoon, I'd regained control and had the strength to re-enter the world as I previously knew it, keeping gathered information to myself, unlike so many others who graphically explained their stories to me. I checke dup on a few of the worst from the night before, but they were fine, had enjoyed their state and were loving the morning as it came.
And there it was. I suddenly saw how happy they could be, all of them, away from the material world, and safely in the arms of the trees, the music, the real people. Never had I seen them so themselves before, but fuck, it was beautiful.


  1. I like the end bit, past me. That was indeed a beautiful thing to see.

    Tho, I have to ask, why do you keep posting about your sex life? OUR sex life?
    I feel fucking violated, past me. This is my private, personal shit. How fucking rude.