Thursday, March 5, 2009

End of the world.

I s'pose my beloved friend Jess was kind of pissed enough when I told her child to 'burn some incense, chill out and shut the fuck up'. However, I have my reasons, she was whinging for no reason. I asked her to do a simple thing and she told me she couldn't move, then told me to do a lot of things for her and it pissed me off. She needs to calm the fuck down.
I guess I just don't have the dealing-with-children thing anymore.
Anyways, I then decided to yell at little Lisa for wanting to watch a soap on television. I explained that she was being consumed by the media and having society think for her, and that she was such a whingy little thing and would never be able to manage on her own, since she craves attention all too much and can't lift her fucking ass up to do anything.
Yes, I said all this to a four year old.

Of course, the little bitch called up her mother. I no longer baby-sit, and therefor, no longer recieve money. Which is awful, because, at current times I really need it.
The kid I'm-in-fucking-love-with is in a whole lot of shit, drug-wise. He needs to pay up, or get fucked up. Now, I'm not a dealer, or a theif but the time has come, that, since I have two weeks to make 2.7 grand... Uhhhh. Unless I sell my body, lol. Which, no, I do not plan on doing, I'm just trying to improvize.


I'm trying to figure out where all the fucking passion went. Where'd the peace-loving, anarchy-driven, fire-fuelled hippy protesters go?
Not that I wish for world peace, because basically, population problem.

Its nice you want to stop wars, murders, suicide and abortion. It's nice you want to fix every fucking ill or injured person and not let them fucking die. Its nice you want to keep people alive long after their expirery date. But, honestly, what do you think you're doing?
Is it because you think human life is actually worthy of existing?
Dude gets hit by a bus, let the fucker die? No, repair him, because we need him. We need him because his family and friends will be saddened if he leaves, we need him to reproduce because there isnt enough people, oh never, and we need him because, simply, he's a person and WOW... it'd totally suck to lose one of those! Theyre so fucking important 'n' shit! Not like he doesn't have another 2 million exact copies!

Oh, and yes, I'm all for euthanasia. Why not? Old crippled fucks who cant keep their waste inside, cant remember any of their fucking loved ones for shit, can't move without heay assistance, cant have any privacy, cant eat properly, and you know what? Unsurprisingly, they want to die! But nooooo. Its a human, people will miss it, let's not let it die!
Understand this. I mean, I know its hard and all, but honestly. I'm pretty sure the earth, and people as a whole, are far more important than one person and it's minions. Pretty sure.
Wait, I have this fabulous idea. Let's continue doing what were doing! Let's memorize textbooks and call ourselves intelligent and pick a fight with anyone who thinks differently! Let's get in to science, and further down the track, lets invent something really cool and add it to the swarming list of products and technology that is so fucking important! Lets test on animals, consume drugs, and generally destroy the earth!

But instead of doing it sooooo fucking slowly, bit by bit, why not end it all of a sudden? I can't wait til 2012.
Youre fucking idiots. You dont want the world to end, for that would mean your death and oh, wow, my life is so important that the world will suffer without me and oh my God, the world is important because it supports human life and life is great because it allows me to either fuck up my health and mind with drugs and get frowned on, or live as a fucking snob, being all successful and raise a family and by items to make me happy!

I want to fucking collapse the earth.
It is not important.
Life is not important.
Especially not the hypocritical, destructive, angry, contradicting lives of human fucking beings.
And most importantly.
YOU are not important.
Never get in to that delusion,
ecause you are nothing.
And even if I like you,
Love you,
Care about you,
Everything would still be better without you.

I despise humanity.
Which means I must despise myself.
Only reason I haven't killed off this pitiful lifeform is because if I did, who would there be left to destroy the world and all the disgusting things living on it?

No one.
Because you're a textbook whore, a television junkie, accept what you're told and love life, what you are, have fun!

Good luck.

You won't survive this.


  1. "Only reason I haven't killed off this pitiful lifeform is because if I did, who would there be left to destroy the world and all the disgusting things living on it?"

    i was 14 when i realised this
    you're 2 and something years behind me.
    read some more books.
    you don't have to copy them, but they help you jump ahead from thoughts everyone already had, to thoughts of your own which are truly unique.

    but you still have about 18 months to understand that.

    the reason i'm mentioning this to you, is because your ability to create an empathetic mood with your writing is amazing, but your subject matter discredits the intelligence of your readers.
    the reason you care about what i say, is because i have the balls to give you suggestions, to help you grow as a human being, one that exists in what we title a 'reality' - even if she wishes she didn't.
    She needs to realise there is no 'choice' to live in reality. it's very much a forced fact. the only way out is suicide. But then who would be left to be the covenant of illusion and disgrace upon the rest of the sheep?
    You may realise at this point, that the reason you'll listen to me is because it's linked to your very reason for being, the very reason you don't kill yourself, and if you pay no heed, you're doing an injustice to yourself. Not being the best evil you can. Which is half assed, because you're not lacking in any ability. At all.

  2. God, how stupid and angry I was.

    Me, you're wrong about a lot of things. You're wrong about more than you are right.

    You're still probably better than most people, tho. <3

    Don't give up, past me. I would very much like to exist some day. :3