Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mister Man

Its starting to scare me, but its brilliant. Just a passion, a single passionate hope and POOF, in to existance.
Many times this past week have I experienced... A something. Theres always this something, whatever it is.


And to Mister Man.
Youre a cunt. I hate you so fucking much, I hope that hit hurt bad. And dont think it'll be the last one, either.
But, I love you a lot. I really do. I now need to deate with myself over why that is, since you go against everything I stand for... And since you are not here to argue with me. I do love our arguements, they're highly entertaining.
Fucking maggot and sitting beside the couch where you lay, begging for forgiveness, though I knew what the outcome would be. You did deserve it, you just didn't care... And you'd forgiven me the moment I forced us together in to a hug. You just wouldnt admit it because we need to argue, it's what this... friendship is based on. Our anger, hate, disagreements.
I told you to move over, so I could lay beside you, as you told me you hated me, that we would never be friends again. But still, you moved over and put your arms around me, and enveloped mine beneath your shirt, against your warm chest.
And I laughed, I couldnt make sense of it. But then, with you, I can't make sense of anything. It could've been you were just too tired to give a fuck, but I was worse of than you and I couldn't allow myself to pass the fuck out 'til I humiliated myself sorting shit out. It could've been that you were just being nice, but the idea of you being nice is the most absurd thing ever! We all know you're not very nice, friend/enemy.

Anyways, I hope that when I see you again, you'll demand a hug from me, like always, then proceed to insult my intelligence and 'shut up, bitch', then deny you told me to shut up, because you 'changed your mind'.

You're fucking weird, fuckin' metro hippy.

Ah well, it's nice to debate with someone other than myself. I miss you already.

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  1. You make a big deal about EVERYTHING.
    Why does everything have to be so dramatic?

    I kinda remember this. I remember drinking cigarette butts from a beer... or maybe that was that girl we were with?
    Ah, I dunno. SOMEBODY did that.