Friday, March 27, 2009

Crossing the room

Well, I'd never really believed maths to be all that interesting, until Chris started explaining the infinite halves.
So,theoretically, you shouldn't be able to cross a room, because in order to cross half of the room, you have to cross half of that, and then half of that, and it could continue forever. It's rather simple to grasp, when you understand there is no YET possible way to travel a kilometer, before crossing half a kilometer. And so forth.
However, we can cross a room, even though with this theory, we shouldn't be able to.
It then makes me think about the halves and halves and halves that I have crossed, and when the number is infinite, in theory, I haven't travelled at all!
I'm standing still, and have been for eternity because I can not cross the room, can not get to the number underneath a whole...

Suddenly, I understand maths on a whole new level. It just confused the fuck out of me.


  1. So it should've. That man's clearly an idiot.
    You cross the room in intervals of one 'step' (approximately). You may be surprised to dsicover your steps stay the same size and at one point (AMAZING!) one of your steps causes you to reach the other side.
    If you think i'm missing the idea of the halves, consider this,
    a half times a half is a quarter, but two halves make a whole - a half times two.
    This means we have a choice as to which logic we use, and highlights a common misconception;
    the use of decimalisation in real life.
    This is a bad idea, the math is wrong, and so are the thoughts behind it.
    In real life, everything is in whole units, the 'half room' is actaully, say, 500 "one-thousandth-of-a-room"s, we only use decimals in order to create a frame of reference by which to compare things, and travelling one half of a room, twice, means you travel the whole room, not a quarter of it.

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  3. Jesus. What the hell?

    I think I thought it was so clever PURELY because I didn't understand it. Like, 'oh, I have to pretend I understand this, otherwise I'll look like an idiot'.

    No, actually, past me, sometimes things are confusing because they use flawed logic and make no fucking sense. -.-

    What a tosspot.