Saturday, March 28, 2009

There is no whole number

God fuck shit, now I'm obsessed with fractions.
I've already ruled out the existance of whole numbers.
5/8ths is larger than 0, but smaller than 1. 3/8ths is smaller than 0, but larger than -1.

There is no whole numbers!!!

(Easily sorted, since between 5/8ths and 3/8ths is 4/8ths, which happens to be 1/2, which could place 0 as half, but then every number would be half, and only two halves make a whole). HA! No whole numbers!

Fucking maths.


  1. uhh... 3/8 is larger than 0. Get some sleep.

    And in response to the post you deleted -
    Don't be discouraged.
    The only reason i constantly correct you is because i know you'll keep writing. You're getting closer and closer and so is your writing.

  2. ...

    I think you ought to leave maths alone, past me.

    Don't feel bad, like.
    I don't understand numbers either. I just let them do them, and I do me.

    You ought to do the same, 'cause, uh... this is gonna look bad on my resume. >.>