Friday, March 6, 2009

Ignorance, please be infected

Should I feel guilty for the bird flu conspiracy?
I mean, only the night before I was told of it, I spoke with passion of my hatred for humanity and my desires to whipe them out. Then, I am informed that a vaccine has been 'accidentally' contaminated with the deadly bird flu virus, released into 18 countries by the American company Baxter.
Holy shit! Pandemic?
I'm rather glad.

Let it target the old.
Let it target those twisted cunts with no morals.
Let it target the people who always want to cause shit.

Most importantly, however, let it target the ignorant.

On the train, dummy in my mouth.
Fat cunts scratching their balls begin yelling it out to the blind and deaf, that yes, I had a pacifier in my maw!
Wow, you illiterate scum, I listened to you talking for about five minutes and realized that you didnt know anything about anything! Christ, you weren't even aware of your lack of intelligence!
Now, I couldve pointed the perfectly obvious out, but, just as everyone on the train already knew I was mauling a dummy, (unless they were the equally pathetic cunts you call friends), they were very aware that you were ignorant peices of shit!

Please, virus, please.
Get them.
They will never ascend.
What's the use of them?
Please don't tell me rude, foul, unintelligent cunts are worthy of life!?!?!?

Angry, now, at how low some lifeforms can get.
Shall fill my material lungs with some nicotene.

1 comment:

  1. So angry about nothing even...

    Look, you ought not be so pissed off about this incident, because I don't even remember it. It can't have been THAT bad.

    And you're still stupid. You don't even know anything. So, when you say, 'ignorance, please be infected', is that a cute way of you sayin' you wanna die?