Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In this Moment (8/26/08)

What are you staring at so intently?
The reflection in the water is of us.
Avert your eyes, for it is only us in the lake.
Well? Just look at us!
Do you think us beautiful?
They all do, let's see what makes them all so jealous.
And what do you see?
Oh, we are the masterpiece. Now I can finally see.
And what do you see?
Your eyes are like ice, why do they pierce me so? So cold, so frozen, so dead.
My eyes have died upon me, for they spent much time looking at images of lifelessness.
It took us a long time to get this far, I know you wanted to be here.You're not afraid, are you?
Well? Are you?
I promise you, I have no fear.
Where is that smile? I do not like the malicious twist on your face.
I apologize if you do not like my expression, my face is just taught well, never to lie.
Oh, it fades now, in to something more sinister.
I apologize if this disturbs you.
At least now your eyes and your smile match, like we do.
You really think we are for one another?
Oh, we match. We are perfection!
So you say. If I left you alone, now, you would stare at yourself for years, would you not?
Speak not these bitter words, or I shall have your tongue!
And my words be bitter, you say?
Against mine, that is.
And you think now is the time to express our feelings?
I shall have you in all your entire gloriousness, my magnificant Prince, against the entire magnificance of me.
Your vanity is ubiquitous. May I call you Princess?
Yes, you may call me Princess, I do not mind, for what could be the harm in that?
I do not name you so for the reasons you suspect, but for the point of your conceit in which you justified.
There you go with that hurtful vocal exression again.
I apologize, but my words are also taught never to tell lies.
Quickly, now, kiss me!
I'll kiss you, my vain beauty.
There, that did make you stop?
It made me stop to consider why I am here with you now.
I see a tear in the pit of your eye.
Yes, I can feel the tear forming, now. I apologize. You may remove it, but it is for you.
I will not whipe your emotions away. I shall let it fall in to the clear, crystal lake that serves as our mirror.
Our mirror? You think the lake exists solely to display our figures?
I could watch us forever, for we are so perfect.
I know you could watch for eternity, my vain beauty.
Where are our flaws?
I can see our imperfections, even if you are too inside yourself to notice. If I place my hand across your heart... I feel ice.
Don't be so quick to take your hands and indicate the parts of us, for they are flaws only to those that see them that way.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, love.
They always said, beauty was in the eye of the beholder. If we held their eyes, then we would be beautiful, for they see us as nothing but.
You'd choose to cause such suffering upon another to proove to me that we are a masterpiece? I knew your heart was cold, but I was sure it at least existed. Perhaps I was wrong, then.
You confuse me. Can you not see our grace?
Grace? I know a little of grace. A swan weilds grace, but we have nothing of that value.
We are like two swans, white and pure, softly dancing across the pretty lakes surface.
I could never compare us to something like that.
You do not feel so sure? Just look at us, my love! Just look, and tell me we are not perfect!
We are not perfect, love. Far from it, I trust. Or more, I should hope, for else I may deeply regret what I will do next.
Would you swear that on my life?
Of course, I would swear it gladly upon your life. But, oh, you never listen to me. Really, did you not here what I just spoke? You have grown so tedious, and you are not in the slightest attentive. How can I love thee if you are too busy with yourself to notice?
I'm sorry. They envied you for your outer skin, in all it's flawlessness. Smooth and beautiful, but utterly heartless. I cannot love thee.
I'm bleeding.
Now your body shall forever be displayed in the lakes clear reflection, as you would have it no other way. You may stare at yourself forever, my beauty, and perhaps you'll soon deteriate and decay and see that you would have been better off with a heartbeat all along.

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