Monday, December 21, 2009

Thought loops.

I'm sure each of us has had an osession with fractals at some point, and surely heard Sam I Am's fractal lecture enough times to remember it word for word...
So I don't really need to explain fractals here.
In short, a complex mathematical equation, a pattern which repeats itself an infinite amount of times.
To explain just how far the fractals go, take a look at atoms. Between atoms, is space. And what is between planets?
Everything is a fractal, including thoughts.
And whilst smoking la ganja and watching Return To Oz, a thought hit me.

A thought fractal would be essentially a thought that repeats itself an infinite amount of times. ;D Acid loops.

Simply encountering a thought fractal will naturally bring about a thought loop.

Haven't figured out how a thought fractal comes to be, or how to avoid a loop, but eh. Makes perfect sense, but I'm sure this is already known but I'm still quite proud of myself.


  1. So I know what a fractal is and I can sort of guess what a thought fractal is, however I have never experienced an acid loop.
    Care to clarify?

  2. Interesting. Never? I seem to find myself in loops all the time.
    Basically, once in a loop there is no way out that I have yet discovered, because there are no answers.
    For example, the time I encountered time. Often, a loop will cause time to stop, only for the tripper naturally.
    This happened because shit got scrambeled. I was supposed to find David, having set it as an acid mission, but was interrupted by Simba asking me to watch his drink. And then, David appeared causing me to fail my new mission, because Simba's drink was knocked over. For the rest of the eve, my thoughts were 'I must apologise to Simba. Why? Because I failed to gaurd his drink. Why? Because we found David... Where's David?"

    A thought fractal. A thought which repeats itself an infinite amount of times. An acid loop. Thoughts, words and/or actions which circle and have no end.

    A loop can make the tripper feel as if their trip will never end, because it doesn't, not whilst they are 'looping out'.

    An idea posed at this particular doof by the good doctor was to do with distractions. Acid can make you become distracted very easily. Before you can complete your current thought train or series of events, you are distracted by something, a new mission, such as Simba's drink. Eventually, you will remember your current mission, but if not completed in fast time, ah, a distraction!

    And thus, loops.

    Loops can simply be a reoccuring thought. It is doubtful you have not experienced a loop, you may simply not have known what it was you were experiencing.

    It can end up getting a tripper stumped, and end with the infamous 'what's going on?'. And in the end, you refuse to participate in anything because that singular th0ught keeps c0ming back, proventing y0u fr0m d0ing anything until y0u've figured out what is happening, n0t understanding that n0thing is g0ing 0n, because y0u are deep within a l00p.

    S0und familiar, g00d sir?