Friday, December 4, 2009

LSD 123 Dine with me!

Lsd whiped my vocab clean.

I could still understand what was being said by those around me, but my mind was so distant, thinking on a greater scale, that focusing on responding verbally was so unimportant and distracting, and above all, I couldn't do it.
At first, everything I said contained the words 'doof party in the bush, bus, dub, douche'. And that was it. Eventually, the people I was with at the time tried to direct my speech flow, giving me words that I would repeat, and remember using and happily add it to my speech.
Krys was worried for, as usual, her concern immense. I, however, was quite happy conciously. Eventually, I discovered a technique to help me expand my vocab. Word association games.
'Doof party in the bush - flap your wings! - Sam I Am - Fractals - LSD - doof party in the bush! '
'Douche - Yinyang - Phoenix - oldhouse - Rasta - Ganja - Doof party in the bush!'
Continued getting into loops, ecause doofs somehow relate to everything. >.<

I even forgot my friends names. Pickle became 'bush', the Asian kid and Kieren were both 'douche', Krys was 'dub', and I myself was 'Bus'.
Krys tried to correct this.

"Who's that?"
"Who's that?"

"Who's that?"
"Keiren douche"

"Who's that?"
"Actually, I can't help you, I don't know the Asian kids name either :3"

-Pointing to herself-
"Who's that?"
"Who's that?"
"Dub Krys"

-Pointing to me-
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
"Bus bus bus bus!"
"Ferret bus!"

At some point on the bus, the Asian kid chatting away happened to mention 'aw nu bru'.
My face lit up at that. "Aw nu bru!" I beamed, happily.

She taught me how to say 'hey', so I'd have something to say to her mother. However, seemed a bit rude when, storming out of the room, her mother asking 'are you okay?' and me responding with 'hey'. She was quite offended, actually. Awwww shiiiit!

I bounced around shouting irrelevant things, and about two hours later, got into quite a trife mood, calling everyone and everything 'simple minded filth', repeating something about 'tick, tock, tick, tock, that is your deathclock' and 'Hypocrisy at it's finest', just generally mocking everyone and being a condescending cunt. :D

Was quite an interesting experiment. I didn't know I could reprogram my entire vocab in two hours, or say all the cool things I said when I was all cunty and shit. Wish I'd written some of the speeches I made down. Clever cunt is clever.

Haha, the shit LSD will do. <3

Nevermind that, all in all, Krys's friend thinks I'm completely insane even without acid. I just grin and assure him I am his future, a warning to all aspiring trippers.

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