Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Rabbit.

Everyone is out to get me.
I am not safe.
I can trust no one, for everyone is a demon.
They want to skin me.
Thursday 28th of some month is my glorious downfall.
'Til then, I tremble like a rabbit.
I will dig a hole and hide within until they go away.
With only the demons of Time and Knowledge on my side, I am so terribly frightened.
Trust no one. Do not blink. Be wary of glitches and laz0rz.
Even sleep offers no safety.
Find him.
Please hold me.
I don't know if you want to hurt me, but I trust your decisions...
Scared white rabbit, late for a very important date.
21 12 2012.
I am late.
They want my skin.
Time fucked me over. Knowledge lied.
Please hold me.
My walls are crumbling.
She wants to kill me most of all. She is laying a trap.
Doesn't it hurt to be black and evil?
I hurt.
Knowledge, Time, My All, My Teacher. Please guide me.
I am late for a very important date.
21 12 2012.


  1. Thar be a thursday the 28th in january my friend.
    Remember that we are the truly strong for if we fight for the just and right, for peace and harmony, nothing can stop us.
    But if we turn our backs and run for our holes we are then vulnerable to the unseen.
    And also Wizards are never late we arrive precicely when need to.
    2010 begins the cycle maybe it is just your flaws that shall die that day.
    Good luck and light speed little rabbit!

  2. other thursday 28s are oct 2010 april2011 july2011 june2012

    When it comes to a matter of death in anyones life all the support of the unstructerd structure is there

  3. Wow, cheers for that.
    Must mark these dates on calender as a possible catastrophe.

    You're so very supportive, and how do we now go about ending this procrastination?

  4. It is a link to my bullietin it explains the next step(very breifly)