Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The seeds we planted.

Demon, demon, on my shoulder.
Tell me, am I getting older?
Is there progression in procrastination?
I feel I've spent many years just laughing.
I have learned, and grown I have,
but my guides are leaving and I have no map.
And I can't do it on my own.
And where do I fight, without a home?
It's walls are crumbling, within demons sleep,
their filth seeps out into the streets.
The streets now dirty, where I once played,
Sometimes I wish I could've stayed.
Let go of my principles, and just stayed strong.
I'm sure I'll get it together before too long.
I fell in love, with a demon for sure.
He is a man of many flaws.
While outside I'm singing, smiling, beaming.
Inside I'm dying, bleeding, screaming.
I can never remember just how I felt.
Insanity greets me as my brain starts to melt.
Drugs, delusions and the rest.
I feel I'm being put to the test.
But I no longer am on my own.
The task is easier when I'm not alone.
I've discovered true friendship, something new to me.
And as the wool is lifted, I begin to see.
I stand ground for what I truely believe,
and though there are wounds in the soles of my feet,
I march on, to go out in guts and glory.
I march 'til the very end of my story.
And though they are many, and we are few,
from the seeds that we planted, the revolution grew.
Demon, demon in my my mind,
help me recover more of my kind,
help us to end this procrastination,
and set us on ther path to our ascension.

1 comment:

  1. Everyones guides are leaving them just for a while. We need to know that we can do it if we are all alone.
    And as for the end to procastanation check my bulletin on myspace
    Ascension is on its way.