Monday, December 7, 2009

Level 48 Wizatrd.

I have encountered many of my Great Teachers and personal Guides.
I have grown greatly, experience and education have made me strong and ready.
I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.
Wake up, wake up, wake up.
Keep telling yourself that, but will you wake up?
I am not a failure, I rarely make a mistake, and I have no regrets.
I think I'm ready, but I can't tell for sure.
Luckily, patience is one of my many virtues.

Now is the time where we must end this time of thinking and discussing a whole lot, but never actually doing anything.
We must combine consciousness and realise we all have a similar goal. Different beliefs, different motivation, but we are one.
We must learn to recognise our own flaws, dispose of our arrogance. We must learn to recognise our good points, dispose of this endless self-loathing.

I thank every being, and the entirety of the universe for getting me this far, and now it is my turn.
I vow now to end all selfish ways of thinking, to not look at things so personally, but to view them on a universal scale.

I will let go and move on from what holds me back, even if it hurts. No pain, no gain.

We must regroup, reunite.

We are in this together, 'til the end.

Enough of this materialistic earth. Onwards, for we've never been satisfied.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

I have forgiven your flaws, mistakes.

I will not, can not, be broken. My fire is NOT out yet, and it will burn long with the strength of love and anger.

Do not hate those incapable of love, shock them.

Pride is a sin, never forget.

But universal love is an achievement.

I do love unconditionally, I do, I do.

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  1. HERE! HERE!
    Good Ma'm
    A circle of knights shall sit once more
    Dragons and Tyrants will fall to the floor
    And on the towers of change stand our powers
    Let it be known, Camelot comes!