Monday, December 28, 2009


I hope you can hold your breath.
Underwater. The scene fades away when the splash of your sinking body is all that can be heard. Fully submerged, clawing at his chest, back, arms, flailing. Gasp. Surface.
And before I can call him all kinds of bad things, I'm under again, and again, water seeping into my pores, gasping for air, slashing at him, slashing at anything. I emerge, finally, cling to him, recovering, and then attempt to push him under. Whoosh. Gone.
His figure disappears beneath the surface and reappears beside me, once more taking ahold of my resenting form and sending me below again, hearing his sadistic laughter between struggled breaths.
"All right, all right, I'm wet already, fuck you!".
I stand in the center of the water mass, dripping. My bra is tattered, and I clutch at my white Jim Morrison t-shirt in frustration, clambering out of the pool. He wraps his towl around me, rolls me a cigarette and pours me a drink of only the finest, warmest bourbon.
Not a sore loser, are you?", he jests opposite the table, where the others laugh behind their glasses at my disastarous state.

It began roughly 40 minutes ago, my easily-amused mind quite occupied with the stacking of empty beer bottles.Seeing this game to his liking, he tested his skills, his towers always falling and bringing mine down in a terrifying cresendo which I feared would always end with eyeballs scraped from shards of glass.
Once this game grew tiresom, or more, pissed too many others off, he amused himself in throwing random objects in my direction. Frowning, I returned the objects, eventually devisiing a 'secret plan', and returning with water bombs, pelting them at his surprised frame. When I returned with second rounds, he was well prepared, hose in one hand, large bottle of water in the other. On top of this, my aim grew poor. I was successful in attacking his torso, however.
You just wanted me to take my shirt off, didn't you?
I snorted at this, and dashed within the safety of the house for a usable bottle, filling it up with water and reciprocating his splashes. Eventually, he bolted to the poolside, and I shrieked in frustration as my bottle fell in the pool, leaving me defenseless.
I took one look at my already wet form, shrugged my shoulders and dove in the pool, now in a perfect battle zone, sending armfuls of water at him as he fought with his shoes. And then he was in the water beside me, and then I was under the water, and then I had all limbs wrapped around him, trying to force him underwater...
I hope you can hold your breath...

Later, and I'm just chillin' on the couch, but it appears he has made it his life goal to annoy me. Poke. Poke.
I raise my hand and bring my nails across his flesh in a haggard slash. I hear the other males warn him not to take me on. I grin, nails and teeth sharp and furious.
It doesn't take him long to be on top of me, holding me down in some fucked up form of dominance, leering at me as I try to sink my teeth into him, just once and he's regret this, just once. I manage a few good scratches, watching them fill with blood.
And allof a sudden, there are arms and legs and heads all around me, as every male in the room decides to help. Help him.
"Fuck off, I'm already struggling as it is!".
I simply refuse to yeild, taking the pain as it comes, trying to get a mouthful of his arm, his chest, his neck, anything to make him yelp in pain as I riiiiiip skin. He's got my fingers in a tight grip, twisting them back.
"If you break something, I will kill you", I hiss behind gritted teeth.
"I won't, I won't, I'm just proving that I can manipulate you in this hold".
He adjusts his grip. I've seen this one before. I exhale, deja-vu.
My neck sidles up with the couchhead, my arms twisted uncomfortably across my chest, neck in unnatural pain. Eventually, he releases me and I huff.

By the end of the hour, two of the other males have had a go at me, one managing to take a large and painful bite directly between neck and shoulder, in that favored dent. Twice. The other, a well built male at that, attempts some sort of hold from behind, and surprising the onlookers, I lift him onto my back and toss him off of me. He captured me in a chokehold, and this is where I bite. In.
I drag him across the room by meerly my mouth, tasting blood in my mouth. He tickles me, and still I hold tight, laughing with a mouthful of flesh. He attempts all things, but my grip is firm. I feel my teeth shift in further, and understanding I am near to taking a chunk out, I release, to be met with his teeth.
By dawn, the bite he left on me is a faint, but large bruise, whilst my bite is a evil looking puncture wound.

I dart to the corner of the room, curling up on the couch, snarling at everyone, clutching my kitten to my breast.
Come sit between us, my original combat partner says, patting the spot between himself and the well-built biter.
You can sit on my lap, says the biter.
My original combat partner extends his arms, pouting. I merely his from my seat. "You all suck!", I call, keeping my eyes trained on each one of them.

I have never had more fun whilst in such pain! :D

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