Monday, December 28, 2009

Why females suck.

"Ohai, wake me up if my phone rings, or just let it ring out, kay?"
-Female friend answers phone, neglects to tell friend WHO IT WAS THAT CALLED when it was a very important call from someone friend doesn't hear from a lot, AND NEGLECTS to even tell friend WHAT WAS SAID-.

"Ohai, could you set an alarm on your phone for six, and wake me up,I have a very important mission to complete, meeting up with a dear friend I haven't seen in many, many months and probably won't if I don't today".
"Sure, I understand how important this is for you, and don't worry, we can stay here another night because I WILL wake you up".
-Wakes up at 1o, with simply two hours to get ready, get to traino, get to Freo from Kelmscott, call dear friend, arrange meeting-

"Ohai, could you baby-sit my cat for mewhilst I'm in Freo? It's hot as fuck and I don't want him stuck in his bag in the heat. Could we arrange a time/place forme to get him back because my phone is off?"
"Sure I can, don't worry about it. we'll sort something out. Call my house phone, I'll be there. Have an interesting day!"
-Arrives at friends house, after trying to call a few times, no sight of said friend, makes another call, is told friend is in CENTRAL PARK with CAT who has LIMITED FOOD in his bag, surrounded by DRUG-FUCKED, AGGRESSIVE NOHOPERS-.

Females, in short, are selfish WITCHES with no respect for your privacy, who NEVER LISTEN, who lie to your face, who DISRESPECT your feelings, USE YOU SENSELESS and then ABANDON YOU after making you feel bad for something THEY DID.
Also, they believe because they've done good by you in the past, that this excuses all new mistakes and fuck-ups. They weild blades and bare fangs and say things like "Oh, well I did -insert good deed which you were grateful for and repaid somewhat- for you, so this means I shoudl be forgiven for all the awful things I have just done".
Females think they know everyone so well, and like to speak for them. They are hypocrites who can't admit to their mistakes, never see the other side of an arguement and quickly point out everyone elses flaws, all up on their high horses with some apathetic facade, because since they're young and pretty, other people simply DO NOT MATTER, they get exactly as they want AND can get away with anything.

Dirty, little sluts. Why do females ALWAYS fuck me over?

I've never liked them.

Apologies to WOMEN out there, I just have no time for little girls.


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