Wednesday, April 15, 2009

11 - 3

Things are looking much better.

Number one, he taught me more things, and we drank juice and smoked cigarettes and it was so nice to see him after the weeks without him. I still never manage to feel awkward around him. Such a mysterious teacher.

Number two, he questioned where I'd been and our hug made everything better, like I knew it would. Our 'cigarette scabbing mission' turned into the usual 'Wanna hook up?'. Of course, due to my current health status, I had to sadly refuse. Ah, thankyou for making me feel so much better, so cared about.

Number three, he and I debate over everything, as usual, for we can never agree, and he seemed to insist I came along to the party. We talked shit, like I can do with so few people anymore... I actually laughed and felt like someone not only didn't mind my company, but desired it. My fucking idiot, pothead, ridiculous-looking best friend.

I saw three of the eleven people that I constantly seek in one day, and what is more, they all seemed happy to see me to.

I feel light, better.

I fucking love you.


  1. -hugs-
    i'm awed you can put a specific number on it. "11"
    i wish i could do that

  2. I could still probably put a specific number on it, if I tried. It's weird that I kept count, though. XD