Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gb2raves, faggots.

Not at all what it should be.

Exhibit 1) Arrogant cockheads on their 'hardcore' and 'scientific' diets of research chemicals, breaking young minds and generally playing a God figure.

Exhibit 2) Admiring little children eating their pcp based pills, getting 'lost' and squealing amongst the semi-psy-trance while grown men fondle their budding bodies.

Exhibit 3) Fifty eight 'fucking maggot' derro cunts starting shit and making the beautiful forrest fucking mental with rage, disrespectful at best.

Exhibit 4) Characters feeling like their duty is to serve, watching out for those they feel need to be watched.

The closest we get to doofers, swimming around the shisha bong being topped with marijuana. At least these appreciate the area.

Burn holes in brains and stomach lining, melt livers and hearts. Your splendid fixes must keep you feeling like there's something to live for, makes you feel like you're having a good time for once in your miserable lives. Paint your faces, drag yourself around in oldschool dress-ups and feed your sore throats with the love of tobacco. You're never learning, only forgetting. You've forgotten the purpose of the trees, the music, the people, the drugs, the earth. Suddenly, a doof is just an excuse to 'get fucked up', then moan to people in the morning when you've lost your belongings and/or your mind, can't remember at all what you did last night, so how can you say you had a brilliant time? Because you were 'gone'? Escaping reality, making a fool of yourself? The trees once liked the doofs, they once were a part of it. Now, they're just shelter from the cops. And how did all the shit-starters get here? Brilliant minds wearing down with too many drugs in a too shorta period of time. Will you remain sober for a doof? For a day? For an hour? Drugs in your mind, in your conversation. "Wanna buy pills? Got any weed? I was so fucked up, I took 3 tabs, 2 pills and had like 10 cones. Shit was intense! Lolololol, I'm so hardcore, those arrogant fuckers must be real proud of me for buying his drug over his, lolololol, look how much I had, I'm so motherfucking hardcore! Why are you sober? Lololololol, get fucked up, hahahaha". Yes, but those arrogant fuckers aren't proud of you, they're laughing at the state of your mind. Don't worry, they're all just as mentally inpaired as you, so get fucked up, children, drugs, drugs, drugs!

Doofs to drug-farms. Peace to chaos. A spiritual journey to a hole in the brain.

Burn in the hell of repetition, where you can't escape the same thing from slapping you in the face, over and over, you can't go anywhere, for you are nowhere! You are lost!

Hardcore scene faggots pretending to be scientists, philosophers and... Doofers.

Gb2raves, faggots.


  1. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed as well.
    But I did like that shisha, spent hours there.
    Are you talking about specific people?

  2. "Hardcore scene faggots pretending to be scientists, philosophers and... Doofers."

    I only know two psyentists. One of them's fucking what's left of your best friend.
    And they are Prophets, not just philosophers, and are completely disjoint, if not disconnected, from the scene.
    If they give you shit, learn to explain yourself better, or don't even try, but do NOT bitch behind their backs. Learn to structure an arguement or take no action AT ALL.

    That done,
    I agree about how the doof has become tainted. I almost lost my faith in it too. The truth is, the trash come and go, but there are some sacred few who wish only to be found. And just because 90% of people are fucked up and/or stupid doesn't mean you have to be. On the contrary, you're one of those sacred few keeping the deep spirit of the doof alive...
    ... but sometimes you can make it REALLY hard to see that below all the opinionated rambling.
    The difference between an opinion and a fact is proof.
    Opinion without proof is PRECISELY religion.
    Do you believe in Jesus?
    Should you?

  3. bring on the apocalypse. this scene is fighting itself in a struggle for survival against a world that does not and cannot understand. it's spiritual communism, and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

  4. God, you WHINE.
    If you don't like doofs, past me... don't go to them?

    That's what I do. I just don't fucking go. Problem solved, eh?