Sunday, April 5, 2009


Your drugs are shit.
I went to sleep on your tabs, motherfucker.
Telling me it was strong, it'd last a while. Get fucked.
I wanted to learn something here. I managed to, but I had to really look for it. And I found proof of something I've been considering for some time, and solved many mysteries while I shivered myself to sleep in a pile of trashed and shameful bodies.
Or maybe, though they should be the perfect place, doofs just aren't a nice place to really get within yourself and the universe.
But I'm just assuming it's some ridiculous thing called... BROMO-DRAGONFLY. Holy shit, people enjoy this stuff? Oh, I s'pose it's better than being sober, says some random little ravefag. Bullshit, mate, I spent half the night trying to wear the shit off so I could be sober.
No visuals aside from the occasional closed-eye fractals, very little information and only a slight confusement, which made the whole thing worthless, boring... Bullshit. 18 hours? More like, 2 and a half, motherfucker.
Still, I'd rather buy from you then some other arrogant full o' shit wannabe-doofer. I mean, his drugs are there to break three year olds minds, because that would be funny. You may be an unreliable little shithead, but at least you give a shit. Besides, you didn't make the shit. I will be having a chat with you though about this, however.
It's rather annoying when you want some actual acid, I'm talking, LSmotherfuckingD, and every cunt is chewing on some substitute.

Disappointing doof. Disappointing acid. Disappointing people.


  1. I liked it. I still want you to explain to me what happened at that doof, read my blog.
    Btw, it's Tony.

  2. Bromo-dragonfly is a DIFFERENT drug.
    Would you compare DMT, or nicotene to LSD, expecting to trip balls from tobacco?
    Bromo WILL last 8 hours, 12 if good
    Bromo RARELY is any good in perth
    Bromo WILL show you answers and great Genies (LOOK UP GENIE because it's not the guy from Aladdin) in the sky.
    Bromo WON'T be lose-yourself-intense (unless it's good)
    Bromo WON'T be lsd fractals or thought loops (No matter how good)

    Please, blog something decent next time, because you usually do.
    Has something traumatic happened recently? Should i lay off because you're having a hard time?
    Or did you just need a 'reality' check?


  3. Bromo-DragonFLY is an intriguing chemical and I'm impressed to see that you got exactly the same thing I did out of those crap bits of cardboard he was selling. half the problem is that there are a couple of forms - Saturated and unsaturated furanyl analogues, european and californian batches, all with varying therapeutic indexes and subejctive profiles... But shit, it ain't acid, not by a long shot. it was developed as an amusing exercise into receptor site binding, not as a recreational designer drug.

    And, uh, next time you want real LSD... You know how to find me :)

  4. Still bitchin'.
    All ya do is bitch.
    Chuck a chill, past me. I'm getting bored here.

    I thought it would be fun & cool to see what I was up to back in the day, but you're kind of the WORST person.
    I hope you know that.