Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zippedy doo da!

Zippedy doo da!
What a wondeful day!
Trying to inflict happiness on people by singing song off-tune in an annoyingly high pitched voice because they're stuck in your head is probably a bad idea. People end up telling you to shut up, or foreigners whistle at you and try to hit it off with you. Neither are all that great, I was just happy for no apparent reason and wanted to see the smiles.
I got our favorite crackhead to smile today, which made me feel like I'd done something good. He himself said he never smiles. And I know he doesn't. I observe. It is what I'm good at. He isn't happy, but he is happy at doofs.
Another person I noticed was down recently, let us call him Good Vibes, seems to have cheered a little, and I told him, he seemed a little surprised I had noticed but it also increased his mood.
I've lost touch with the demon of knowledge, I don't think we're friends anymore. He's very down as of late and I can't even get a human response from him. This is upsetting.
I saw CHEMTATS today, which is always a good thing, it was the best hour of recent times, other than the night me, him and my fractal peice drank the red wine and later harassed/flashed Muslim children with Gecko.
But my fractal peice is locked up. Distant. Set away from the world and I can not work a response from her, after the tearfilled phonecall, so I'm a little concerned.
The two from the Hospital, I saw, and they oth offered to visit her with me, but they soon took off with the New Centrals Meat.
I did warn that kid.
Two of the Missing Three are back. The other should be bck in a few days. I held onto Her for the longest of times. I have missed them terribly, and welcome them back full-force, all errors forgiven.
Kandi-king was arrested tonight for breaching a move on notice.
And Mr. Warmth continues to mock my interest in Maths, but his warmth allows me to forgive him, because he looked so adorable hidden beneath all that material.
Drinks with GB tomorrow. Oh God, help me. I don't even drink, less it is with my two.
And Dr. A continues to address me as if we are friends! Really, you should have figured out by now, I have a problem with you.
Oh, and the knight of pot actually smiled today. Not a goofy smile, a real smile. "Have you straightnened your hair? Yes, but that isn't it, OH, I know, you're sober!".
Otherwise, things haven't changed.

Zippedy doo da!
What a wonderful day!


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  2. I'm.. okay.
    You and chemtats come visit me Friday before I implode please. ^.^

  3. If I told you that you keep in contact with NONE of these people, would you believe me?

    And if you did, would it make you stop caring so much? Okay, good.