Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kittens and dreamhopping.

It's probably a sign you haven't been sleeping enough when your body starts to produce it's own chemicals to fuck with your senses and state of mind.
And it's probably not a good thing when you get lost in the critter that have been drawn, personified, speech-bubbled and posted.
But it isn't the end of the world, yet.
We are fallen angels, here. We've forgotten what we have, and only remember what we've lost.
It's probably not a good idea for me to be here right now, but my perception of the world is a little foggy and everything is distant.
It's probably time for dreams, the ones you never want to wake up from, but I'm being tortured with nightmares, repeating themselves, repeating themselves, repeating themselves.
Where was I? Where have I been? Never mind where the hell I'm going, what the hell was I before life? Before I started to think, and feel, and influence?
I can't have never existed.
It wouldn't make any sense.
I must be... Ah, but I babble.
Things get a little complicated from here on in.
I wish I could remember... No, I wish I wanted to remember.
But I'm weary, and the lights are flickering with some new form of l4zzz0rzzz h4x1n9 into my brain. All the glitches.
"Why did the sky just go black?"
"It's okay to think about it, if we do not fear it".

But I am afraid...
I... Will... Be.
I am always afraid, of everything.

"Scared little kitten, look what you've done to yourself? Aw, it's okay, come here and I'l eat the darkness. There, there. No need to cry anymore. I can make the pain go away, little kitty, if only you'd let me... But you fear me too".

I probably shouldn't be here right now.

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  1. Man, that day with the black sky was wack, and that dude with his conspiracy chatter.


    I still dunno what that was about. Probably for the best.