Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cheshire Cats

Fuck this,
I want Cheshire Cats.

I've been told by many frequent acid users that my continuous taking of two Cheshires is rather excessive, that half a tab was intense enough. I always just assumed the increased intensity was simply due to the fact I'd been used to taking a single Aztec, which while lovely, are quite weak, and then suddenly jumping to the two. Of course, they are a lot stronger, thus plenty more colors, intensity and information.
This all would explain the matter of why I looped out so often on my dose, though I can't say for certain what was in the Cheshires, only that they are simply brilliant.
I find that looping out, as frightening as that may be for yourself and people you are present with, is actually an increased method of aquiring the knowledge you were seeking. I have visited far more answers and realities while I have been scared out of my mind, and though once you've been there, you never want to be there again, you're always glad you went there.
Repeatition Hell. The most terrirfying location I have ever had the misfortune to stumble upon. A land in which the souls lay themselves across the roads that lead to nowhere to wait an eternity for the body collectors. They have nothing, they can not escape eachother, they are all eachother has. They will live by the same routine, a vicious, in your face routine until they decide to succumb to death. While they are beginning to die, they remember they are already dead and can never escape the horrible place they have found, can not find the answers...
I'm glad I went there. I learned many things in that place.
I've had the realization that I am God, that everything is an illusion and that I am entirely alone, for everyone is just a part of me that will never be anything more than an imaginary friend.
Yes, I constantly loop out, but that is where I find my answers. That is where I will continue to go. I want my two Cheshire Cats. I want my answers.


  1. Repetition Hell is your body telling you "that's far enough"
    I'm not kidding, and i would know, for Christ's sake.
    If not for my sake.

    That's far enough.
    He didn't think he'd ever become like Him.
    Do you want to risk it?
    For some faces in the walls to follow you home and whisper lies to you?

    You'll do what you want anyway. I just want you to be sure it's what you want.

  2. Ugh. I was playing with some dangerous shit.

    Wow. I could have lost it all, man. I could've.

    Jesus fuck. WHY?