Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh, and, btw

While we were having the session (which I wouldn't have been involved in, had I been less intent on what you were saying and more aware of what I was doing), just after you'd shown me the fractals with the lights, you explained to me almost all of what I now know of fractals, and the asked 'why do we see them on LSD?'. ( Though, as we've discussed, pure fucking research chemicals, don't think anyone had a good time whilst tripping at Chester).

You also said, and I won't give a statement since I can't be sure what I think you said was true, that you've been trying to figure this out since (unknown time), but it was a long time nonetheless.

How long ago was Chester fest? Couple months? I've tripped only once after you posed this question, on bromo-dragonFLY, and I came up with the answer, but I'm sure it's so simple that you must be meaning something else.

Right, right. So, fractals. A complex mathmatical equation that the whole universe is made up of, basically. A pattern that continues for infinity. In theory, you could zoom in on something forever, just as you could zoom out.

Understanding this, the basic idea of LSD is that it intensifies everything that is already there. Everything you know, see, touch. And so, since fractals are already there to begin with, whilst everything we see is being intensified, we see them. Though, we're already seeing them, all the time, we just don't notice. Understood?

It sounded better in my head.

But I'm unsure whether or not to tell, that is, if you haven't already gathered this. Because a friend of mine's father asked her why the sky was blue on his deathbed, and so she made it her mission to find out for him. So yeah, when I began to tell her why the sky was blue...

She didn't much like it!

So yes. Anyways, I like fractals. They're ppppprrrrrreeeeeettttttyyyyyy!


  1. I doubt she could explain precisely why the sky is blue anyway.
    The ocean's easy - it's the sky's reflection.
    The exact colour of the sky depends on the type of star the sun is, the radius of the planet and the composition of the atmosphere, which alters its refraction index.

    It still wouldn't have made him happy.
    But the truth will set you freeeeeeeeeeeee...

  2. I like the way I wrote this. The language is pleasant.

    I dunno what I was talking about, really. But yeah. I like how it looks. :3