Saturday, April 18, 2009


So much could be said, I could write for days on it.
Our perfect connection, the three of us... To drunkenly flashing children and being chased by Muslims in an echanted park ruled by magical white foxen.
I think I've found something, a date that can't be discarded, one of those days that you'll think aout for the rest of your life and wonder how things got to be just that way.
How lucky I am to have found two people who's company is... Like everything. I can't explain it, like some things that aren't meant to be shared. But she knows it, she feels it, and I hope he can too.
I'm happy here, I'm so fucking happy I could cry.


  1. ^^

    good to hear

    (RE: Was it Molly?)
    Yeah this is more your style isn't it?

  2. It wasn't meant to be felt.
    Now nothing can compare.
    Nothing can can compare..

  3. That's so weird.
    It WAS a lot like pills, huh? Even tho it wasn't.

    It was just perfect.